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Why practice ClimbFlow Online?

  • immerse your practice with beautifully produced, high-quality video

  • strengthen, lengthen, & mobilise your body through bodyweight movement

  • develop a strong, elastic body from the core outwards

  • develop power, stability, flexibility & mobility

  • reduce likeliness of injury in sport

  • improve your climbing all round!

  • enjoy moving and have fun!

Welcome to ClimbFlow Online!

Climbers, Movers, Do-ers!

The original dynamic yoga-fitness fusion for climbers by Tiffany Soi is now available online! With this strength training meets yoga flow collection, you can access ClimbFlow anytime, anywhere, whenever you need to move! 

ClimbFlow Online is a stunning, high quality production. This equipment-free, bodyweight movement practice was created to help you build a stronger, more resilient body, as well as mind - which is garnering increasing importance in our present day. 

It's the extra dimension of cross-training to support your climbing and physical progression. 

Let's move onwards and upwards together!

Build resilient strength. 

Move more mindfully: on the mat, on the wall, through life!

ClimbFlow was developed from Tiffany Soi’s experience as a competitive bouldering athlete and outdoor rock-climber of 10 years, a former elite British gymnast of 10 years, her yoga teacher and physical movement training. After years of leading classes that began in London, and subsequently around the world, the demand for ClimbFlow to be globally available online has been long awaited - and is finally here!

ClimbFlow by Tiffany Soi has been practiced and loved all over the world including the U.K., France, America, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia & Australia. It is a key part of the annual Women's Bouldering Festival, and been part of the Women's Climbing Symposium, not to mention massive events for brands like W Hotels Worldwide. ClimbFlow has also been featured in commercials for the likes of SmartWater and Remington New York.

What's included?

  • The ClimbFlow Signature Class

  • The Upper Body & Core Flow

  • The Lower Body & Core Flow

  • The Rebalance & Restore Class

  • 9 video guides covering Form, Alignment & Variations

  • Educational material

  • Downloadable schedules

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About Tiffany Soi

Your guide through ClimbFlow Online

Tiffany is the founder of ClimbFlow Fit-Yoga Movement. ClimbFlow was born out of her experience - and love - of movement, which she has been doing her entire life. She was formerly an elite UK gymnast for 10 years, which naturally necessitated additional training in ballet. At the age of 16 she ended up in a back brace, unable to move or walk upright properly. She found her way back to health through Hatha yoga practice, and also brought contemporary dance into her life. At 21 she discovered rock climbing, and went on to become one of the top competitive bouldering athletes on the UK scene - and picked up a fair few more dislocated body parts along the way. She sought to expand her movement training, heading to New York to train in Loyd Williamson movement technique and also became a fully qualified yoga teacher, recognised by the Yoga Alliance Professionals. She now has +1500 hours experience of teaching both group classes and private coaching. She has worked with climbing athletes, triathletes and high performance individuals around the world. Tiffany is sought for events and media around the world in support of climbing & movement communities and more widely by brands such as W Hotels Worldwide, Remington New York, SmartWater, Sephora and more! Her hope is to be able to support more climbers and movement lovers to experience mindful movement that blends strength with intuition and awareness.

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