Terms of Use + Health Disclaimer

1.Terms of Use.

Please read these Terms and Conditions of Use ("Terms and Conditions") carefully prior to purchase. These Terms and Conditions, including all documents referenced herein, represent the understanding between ClimbFlow Online and you regarding your use of this Site /Course and supersede any prior statements or representations. The Privacy Policy is incorporated into these Terms and Conditions.

This ClimbFlow Online course (the "Course") is operated by or on behalf of Tiffany Soi (the “Instructor”).

The Course is currently accessed via a website (the “Site”) on the thinkific.com platform (the “Platform”). Purchase of the Course constitutes purchase of access to the Course. The method of access to the Course does not form part of the purchase agreement, and ClimbFlow Online reserves the right to change the Site, the Platform, or otherwise change the way in which the Course is accessed. Access to the Course will continue indefinitely whilst the method of accessing the Course is via a digital platform over the internet, but in no event for less than twelve months from date of purchase.

Purchase is non-refundable, and access to the course is non-transferable. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Access to and use of the Course is subject to all applicable laws and regulations. To the extent that access, or use of the Site and/or the Course would be deemed illegal by governing law, such access or use is prohibited.

You are required to agree to these Terms and Conditions prior to purchasing access to the Course by clicking "I HAVE READ, UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE". If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions, do not click the button and do not complete purchase of the Course. ClimbFlow Online may modify the Terms & Conditions at any time. Your continued use of the Course after any such changes take effect constitutes your acceptance to such changes. Each time you visit or log on to the Site and/or access the Course, you reaffirm your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions. You are responsible for regularly reviewing the Terms and Conditions.

As long as you comply with these Terms and Conditions and any modifications hereto as permitted below, ClimbFlow Online grants you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, limited privilege to access the Course.

2. Use of Materials.

Materials on the Site, and materials included in the Course, including but not limited to software, images, text, graphics, music, videos, user interfaces, logos and trademarks, along with the overall "look and feel" of the Site and the Course (collectively referred to as the "Material"), are owned or licensed by ClimbFlow Online and are protected under various intellectual property laws.

Except as otherwise indicated on this Site, copying, reproduction, uploading, downloading, transmitting or any other use of the Material, in whole or part, without the express written permission of ClimbFlow Online, is prohibited.

Purchasing access to the Course entitles you to access materials, including streaming digital class videos for your personal, non-commercial use, provided you agree not to conceal, remove or alter any trademark, copyright or other notice contained on: (i) the Site; (ii) within the Course, (iii) any of the Material; or (iii) any such individual pages streamed.

Your use hereunder does not grant you any ownership rights to such Material and ClimbFlow Online and its licensors reserve all rights to such Material. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or modify any Material, or copy, reproduce, distribute, modify, create derivative works of, publicly display, publicly perform, republish, broadcast, download, transmit and/or print substantial portions of this Site, the Course, or the Material contained hereon without the express written permission of ClimbFlow Online. Any unauthorized use of the Course and/or the Material may subject you to criminal prosecution and/or civil liability under applicable law.

3. No Warranty

The Course is provided “as is” without any warranties of any kind including warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of intellectual property. ClimbFlow Online reserves the right to make changes to the Material and/or Course and/or Site, or to the services and prices described in them, at any time without notice.

4. Health & Safety Disclaimer.

The Course and/or the Material is not intended to provide medical advice or make medical diagnoses or offer medical treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional before starting or changing any exercise program or making a lifestyle change.

This is particularly important if you: 

If you have any of these conditions, you should consult with your doctor/health physician about the suitability of this physical activity prior to taking part and follow his/her advice.

All forms of exercise and physical activity including yoga, fitness, and aerobic activity, require physical exertion, which may be strenuous, and inherently involve risk of injury and/or episodes of transient light-headedness or possible loss of consciousness. By signing up to the Course and engaging in any physical activity presented you confirm that you are aware and accept the risks/dangers involved and voluntarily choose to participate.

If you engage in this activity, you do so voluntarily and assume all risk of injury or damages, known or unknown, to yourself or possessions which might be incurred as a result of participating in these activities within the Course. ClimbFlow Online accepts no responsibility for any damage (to persons or persons) while undertaking the activities in the Course and/or the Materials.

By participating in this programme you assume all responsibility in ensuring your own safety and wellbeing throughout your practice, including but not limited to: listen to your body and be gentle, not push your body to extremes, be forceful or strain, to stop activity if any kind of pain is experienced, and not to practice anything you are uncomfortable with. When participating in any exercise program, there is a possibility of physical injury. If you experience any discomfort, dizziness, light-headedness, you should stop immediately and seek medical advice with your health professional. Only you can monitor your condition during your practice and are responsible for practicing within your limits and seeking attention/advice as appropriate.

The Material in the Course may not be tailored to match your energy, health or fitness level. If you are concerned about whether any exercises in the Course and/or the Material are right for you, do NOT do them unless and until you have verified with your doctor or physician.

The Material available in the Course involves rigorous yoga exercise. Make sure you exercise in a large well-lit area that is free from obstacles and that you wear comfortable clothing that doesn't inhibit movement.

Ensure you are appropriately warm before any workout, and cool down afterwards. Your failure to warm-up, cool down and stretch properly can result in personal injury. Avoid alcohol and/or heavy meals for 2 hours before workouts. Drink fluids (preferably water) before, during and after workouts.

The creators, owners and distributors of the Course and the Material available hereon are not responsible for any injuries you may experience as a result of your use of this Site and/or the Course and/or the Material contained hereon.

You knowingly, voluntarily and expressly waive any claims against Tiffany Soi and/or ClimbFlow Online for injury or damages sustained as a result of participating in these programmes. Tiffany Soi and/or ClimbFlow Online accept no responsibility for any damage (to possessions or persons) while undertaking the activities in this Course.

Under 16 year olds may participate only under the granted permission of a legally responsible adult. The legal adult takes all responsibility for the health and safety of their legal junior.

By accessing the Course and/or using any Material, you are accepting that you have read, understood and agreed to follow these instructions.

These terms and conditions and transactions contemplated hereby are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of England.

Promotional offers terms of use

Free Live Class Pass Promotion

Promotional Purchase Period: 11-June-2020 to 20-June-2020. To be entitled to receive two (2) Live Class Passes for free you must complete purchase of ClimbFlow Online using the valid promo code by 20-Jun-2020 inclusive. Purchases after this date will not be entitled to receive live classes.

Live Class Passes: Participants will receive two (2) Live Class Passes. Each Pass entitles participant to attend a live class from the schedule made available to participant after purchase.

Usage Period: 11-June-2020 to 31-July-2020. The Live Class Passes may be used to book and attend a live class from the published schedule by 31-July-2020. The Passess cannot be redeemed after this date.

Class Schedule: A full schedule of classes in June and July 2020 will be provided after purchase. Every effort will be made to provide classes to accommodate different schedules, however, ClimbFlow Online is unable to adjust the schedule to meet a participants specific circumstances and makes no guarantee about the schedule suiting all participants. It is participants responsibility to identify and book onto a convenient class from the published schedule.

Transfer: Passes have no monetary value. Passes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.