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ClimbFlow: The original dynamic yoga-fitness fusion for climbers by Tiffany Soi is now online. This strength training meets yoga flow collection is yours to access anytime, anywhere, whenever you need it! 

An equipment-free, bodyweight practice to build a stronger, more elastic body, a more resilient mind. 

ClimbFlow the extra dimension of cross-training to support your progression.

Enhance your knowledge of how your body works and moves cohesively, practice to a schedule to keep you accountable and motivated, develop mindful awareness, and see where ClimbFlow takes you.  

Let's move onwards and upwards together!

ClimbFlow Online Curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction to ClimbFlow

    • Welcome to ClimbFlow from Tiffany Soi

    • Introduction and key notes

    • Practical notes: how to get the most out of this programme

    • Pre-activity health & readiness statement

    • Working with your body & awareness

    • Motivation & commitment

  • 02

    8 Week Training Schedules

    • Suggested schedules and notes

    • ClimbFlow Beginner 8 week example schedule

    • ClimbFlow Experienced 8 week example schedule

    • ClimbFlow Advanced 8 week example schedule

    • ClimbFlow Build Your Own 8 week schedule

  • 03

    Crew Community

    • Insider Crew Connect Sessions *NOVEMBER*

    • Grounding & Intention Setting Workshop Session

    • Private Facebook Group

  • 04

    Form, Alignment & Variations Video Guide

    • Introduction to Form, Alignment & Variations Guide

    • Form & Alignment

    • Downward Facing Dog

    • Lunge Based Postures

    • Plank Based Postures

    • Plank Squat Lunge Sequence

    • Reclining Core Movements

    • Bunny Lifts (inversion practice)

    • Hip Stretches

    • Sitting Comfortably

  • 05

    Signature ClimbFlow Class

    • ClimbFlow Signature Class

  • 06

    Rebalance, Restore, Recover

    • Rebalance & Restore Class

  • 07

    Upper Body & Core

    • Shoulders & Core Flow

  • 08

    Lower Body & Core

    • Legs & Core Flow

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