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ClimbFlow: The original dynamic fit yoga fusion for climbing development by Tiffany Soi is now online. This strength training meets yoga flow programme is yours to access anytime, anywhere, whenever you need it! 

An equipment-free, bodyweight-based practice to build a stronger, more elastic body, and a more resilient mind. 

ClimbFlow is the extra dimension of cross-training to support your progression.

Practice according to one of the 8-week scheduled programmes for different levels of experience, or tap into a particular class whenever you need it. You'll feel the difference in strength, fitness, your mood, your levels of focus, in as little as 4 weeks.

ClimbFlow Online is here to support you in the way that best suits your journey. 

Enhance your knowledge of how your body works and moves cohesively, practice to a schedule to keep you accountable and motivated, develop mindful awareness, and see where ClimbFlow takes you.  

Let's move onwards and upwards together!

ClimbFlow Online Curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction to ClimbFlow

    • Welcome to ClimbFlow from Tiffany Soi

    • Introduction and key notes

    • Practical notes: how to get the most out of this programme

    • Pre-activity health & readiness statement

    • Working with your body & awareness

    • Motivation & commitment

  • 02

    8 Week Training Schedules

    • Suggested schedules and notes

    • ClimbFlow Beginner 8 week example schedule

    • ClimbFlow Experienced 8 week example schedule

    • ClimbFlow Advanced 8 week example schedule

    • ClimbFlow Build Your Own 8 week schedule

  • 03

    Crew Community

    • 2021 - 8 Day Community Reset Challenge

    • Crew Connect Sessions

    • Grounding & Intention Setting Workshop Session

    • Private Facebook Group

  • 04

    Form, Alignment & Variations Video Guide

    • Introduction to Form, Alignment & Variations Guide

    • Form & Alignment

    • Downward Facing Dog

    • Lunge Based Postures

    • Plank Based Postures

    • Plank Squat Lunge Sequence

    • Reclining Core Movements

    • Bunny Lifts (inversion practice)

    • Hip Stretches

    • Sitting Comfortably

  • 05

    Signature ClimbFlow Class

    • ClimbFlow Signature Class

  • 06

    Rebalance, Restore, Recover

    • Rebalance & Restore Class

  • 07

    Upper Body & Core

    • Shoulders & Core Flow

  • 08

    Lower Body & Core

    • Legs & Core Flow

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