Work with your body & mind

Choose a 1:1 virtual consult to help you get off to the best start in your ClimbFlow movement journey

Your private 1:1 consult ClimbFlow Founder Tiffany Soi is an opportunity to evaluate where you are today and help you create a tailored practice to get the most out of ClimbFlow Online and your overall movement journey.

Your consult is an opportunity to discuss:

  • where you are in your current personal journey - your lifestyle, where you are mentally- physically
  • what your personal aims and needs are
  • evaluate your current level through movement practices
  • assess which sequences/postures may be most suitable for you (variations that may be most suitable for you, what to exclude from your practice)
  • evaluate a schedule of practise to suit you
  • any questions you might have

You will be moving during your consult, so do clear a space for yourself to be seen as best as possible!

You will also receive follow up notes from your consultation. 

Note: Consults to be used within 4 weeks of purchase date.

Consultation Elements

  • 01

    Personal Consult

    • About the personal consult

    • Pre-activity health & readiness statement

    • Pre-Consultation Questionnaire

    • Consultation scheduling

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